Save the Stress: Enable Automatic Plugins Updates in WordPress

When managing a WordPress site, one critical aspect that’s easy to overlook is the management of plugins. These tools, often developed by third parties, require regular updates to ensure they function correctly and securely. Fortunately, WordPress now offers a safe and effective means to enable automatic plugin updates.

To activate automatic plugin updates, follow these steps:

  • Login to Your WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on “Plugins” on the lefthand side
  • Next to each plugin you will see the following
  • Click on “Enable Auto-Updates”

It’s strongly advised to keep automatic updates turned on. The likelihood of an update altering the look or operation of your website significantly is quite low. However, if there’s concern that an update might disrupt your site, consider opting for a more reliable plugin or install a security plugin that alerts you about available updates. This approach ensures your site remains secure while minimizing potential issues with plugin compatibility or functionality.